Screening patients’ bone mineral density (BMD) within seconds during a routine office exam.

CRystalView R200

A high quality computed radiography system for medical and non-medical X-ray imaging applications.

Second Look 200

The most effective artificial intelligence (AI) solution for early breast cancer detection.

Our advanced medical imaging solutions

Miles Medical develops and distributes advanced medical imaging solutions for diagnosing osteoporosis, leukemia, breast cancer, and for many imaging applications that require portable X-ray devices.

Our commitment to customer supports

Miles Medical is extremely sensitive to customer’s technical support requests. Our local and regional service supports are available 24/7. For areas without any supporting office, our engineers will travel to offer onsite services.

Our Featured Product : MetriScan

MetriScan is ideal for screening a large number of people for osteoporosis diagnoses, over 100 people per day per system. It offers human database collected from US, Europe, and China. Its repeatability error is less than 1.0%. FDA approved the system for both diagnosis and screening.