About Us

Miles Medical is based in San Jose, CA, USA, and also Beijing, China. The company develops and distributes medical imaging products for the diagnoses of osteoporosis, breast cancer, lung cancer, and leukemia. Miles Medical’s featured product is MetriScan, a digital X-ray system for screening and diagnosing osteoporosis. The product received Gold Medal of Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) for Medical and Scientific Devices awarded by Industrial Design Society of America. Dr. Jie Zhang, co-founder of Miles Medical, has been leading the development of our healthcare products. He was ranked No. 1 among 100 Most Creative People in China in 2015 by the US business magazine Fast Company. Miles Medical’s marketing and sales force includes 122 distributors worldwide.

Our Company

  Miles Medical was initially founded in 1999 in Beijing, China, as a healthcare product distributor. In particular, the company marketed and distributed a bone density testing system MetriScan from Alara Inc. in San Jose, CA, USA. The system soon became the No. 1 seller in the BMD market in China. In 2005, Miles Medical acquired Alara Inc., and established a research & development center, and manufacturing facility in San Jose, CA, USA. Dr. Jie Zhang, co-founder of Miles Medical, has led the R&D efforts and established an innovative imaging product line since then.

Miles Medical’s core product is the new generation of MetriScan, a portable X-ray system, which allows testing human bone density for diagnosing osteoporosis in a second from scanning three fingers. Miles Medical has established sales network in North America, Europe, and Asia. So far the largest demand for our products is from China, where our distributor network sales covers all 30 provinces of the country with over 5,000 professional sales and support closely working with our clients locally.

 Every year Miles Medical participates and exhibits in over 30 major international healthcare conferences and exhibitions. These include the annual international medical exhibition at Dusseldorf of Germany, the United States RSNA, and China National Medical Equipment Exhibitions. Our distributors exhibit at numerous local healthcare and physical examination conferences as well.

Our Customer Service and Support

Timely and effective post-sales service is our winning magic over the past 20 years. Miles Medical has made significant effort in establishing a professional post-sales service and supportcenter, and plans to launch the second service and support center in 2019.All of the supporting engineers are required to go through a rigorous training process and complete certification in our US production facility.